| Do you take Requests?

– Yes post it in Requests Page.

| When Will you upload new shows.

– We Post them as soon as they are released.

| There is a thread for a Raw but no video hosting links are there.

– That means the show will air after the counter ends. You can watch the show live using live links after the counter ends or the HD file hosting links will be posted every 20Minutes during live show.

| For which shows you do live coverage.

– We do live coverage for WWE Raw & WWE PPVs. During live coverage you can either watch the live streams via live servers or we update the live recorded Shows HD parts every 20 Minutes in Dailymotion, you can watch using those links.

| How Many parts you do for live shows and what will be their duration.

– We do 7 Parts for all live shows coverage with part 1 around 16 Minutes & other 6 parts 20 Minutes. ( 30 Minutes for PPV )

| It says encoding the video.

– That means the video is converting, it will be available in few minutes for streaming.

| I Clicked Dailymotion HD link but only 480p is playing.

– In DailyMotion Video quality is auto selected according to your net speed, click Quality on top right corner to select Preffered Quality. 720p HD takes time to encode, if you see other qualitys that means HD version is in encoding stage, Kindly enjoy the show in other formats till HD encodes or Use the full HD links above Dailymotion they dont encode.

| Some adds are there over the video can you remove them.

– I dont put any adds over the videos, they are the adds of video sites like dailymotion, firedrive, etc, just close them and watch the video :).

| It gives 404 error when i try to watch a video.

– Click the link from the website and itll open in new tab there you can watch. if u copy paste links, for some videos hosts it will give 404 error.

| Video Keeps Buffering.

– Its most likely that your Internet connection is slow, select low quality to play.

| Can you put full show in Dailymotion.

– Dailymotion and many hosts has 60 Minutes video limit so only way is to split videos in them, you can find atleast 5 hosts in bottom of thread to watch full show.

| Do you provide download links.

– Yes in bottom of thread we provide download links in 5 different filehosts.

| If i click a video It says Video is Rejected, Removed Or Deleted.

– Most probable the video is removed due to copyright notice, kindly use other hosts for streaming till ill usualy update links as soon as possible for rejected videos.

| My watching limit expired or I can’t watch the video.

– Some video hosts do that fo them copy video url and watch from http://ezywatch.com/

| How can i have a list of shows i want to watch in future.

– Just open the show and click like, those videos will appear in the My Likes Link in bottom of the site.

| You are doing a great job, i want to help you.

– Thanks, you can help me by sharing the the pages in fb, twitter, gplus, etc.