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# I want social media page to follow site incase it gets copyright takedown.
Signup to our Subscription Page . Incase this site gets takendown due to copyright, we will make new site address and you will receive new site via subscribed mail id.

# Issue in Live / Replay Page Player / Blank page / Adpage loading.
* Use Chrome browser. it works in all devices. Chrome Browser Installation Link
* Safari fix – On safari refreshing the page then pressing reduce protection when prompted at the top has fixed it. ( Thanks to bob )
* If ur using chrome but still getting issue. Notify in comments with info – country, device, VideoHost/Stream, ErrorMessage / issue info / Screenshot..
EG: Australia, IPhone 8, Dailymotion, Error = HD not available in quality list. – screenshot link.

# Which link should i use to watch live shows.
– All SD/LQ are usually stable but CATCHUP links will be the mostly stable.

# Why Stream HD live keeps going down.
– During big live shows, HD links can get rejected due to copyright, stream admins will replace it asap, just click refresh icon and it will work with new link.

# I posted a comment / request / issue. its not appearing.
– We keep comments for approval so that any admin that can solve can easily find users with issue and give answer, when any admin has an answer for ur query / request they will reply u..

# Why collection updates still in pending.
Daily we are making little progress in collection to restart, without earnings we are stuck inbetween as far as collection is concerned, the plan was to start collection in August 2023. but its long gone and we are still trying to find a decent host that wont delete old files to keep collections.

For Copyright Issues kindly check Disclaimer First.


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  • xBruhhhx 3 weeks ago

    I was banned at some point and I was wondering if I could be unbanned?

  • Hi,
    I can’t seem to download any of the links for any event it takes me to a random website that is not related to wrestling at all. I was wondering what I’m doing wrong

    • Wrestler 3 weeks ago

      unfortunately all hosts are now using popads. when u see any popup random page, close it, and click download or play video again. it will work.

  • Hi rel hd is not responding for raw is raw 1998,I’m from uk

  • JARVISH 2 weeks ago

    Been noticing some specials and episodes in cropped versions (visible in thumbnail). Can you provide correct aspect ratio of all your video uploads.
    Eg – Episode 2001.2 – WWF_Raw_Is_War_2001_01_08_SD
    Great Site & Thanks.

    • JARVISH 1 week ago

      Requesting reupload of attitude era’s (1997 to 2001) all raw and smackdown episodes as well as PPV specials in correct aspect ratio. As of now, only 3 PPVs during this era are in correct aspect ratio: Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and SummerSlam. Apart from that, noticed the rest of PPVs, all raw and smackdown episodes are in widescreen format resulting in poor viewing experience.

  • Majid Ghori 2 weeks ago

    when will FHD of money in the bank will be posted?

  • Ilias Alex 1 week ago

    How in the world you signup here?

  • preshow_uce 1 week ago

    love your site, but small request: i love when you use the TNT Sports feed for WWE because they don’t censor the crowds like USA and Fox does.

    • TheGame 1 week ago

      from now on admins will try to do non usa feed for live.

  • Juice 1 week ago

    Can u make the collection shows and ppvs be in 4:3 and not wide

  • matrix38 4 days ago

    the fite stream of AEW Collidion isnt on.. there is something else

    • Wrestler 4 days ago

      fite streams will start only on live time. eg 8pm et today, before that there will be nothing on.

      use chatbox for faster reply.

  • matrix38 4 days ago

    why is the fite / thriller stream in widescreen ???
    it was never before.. also its cut at the top and bottom when they shoot graphics at AEW

  • I was drunk and talking shit in the chat one night, and I was banned from it. Is there any way I can be unbanned from the chat? I am sorry idk what I was doing. I miss the chat.

    • Wrestler 3 days ago

      if u notify the username used it can be unblocked,

      but if ur using proxy that might b the issue, cos cbox auto blocks proxy.

  • Sufiyan Durani 1 day ago

    Hello admin sir everyone requested you to add 2022/2023 wwe shows (raw, smackdown, ple) to collection index but admins of this site don’t respond. I am also requesting the admin to add 2022 and 2023 WWE shows to the collection index. Hope you will heed my wish. Thank you!!!

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