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# I want social media page to follow site incase it gets copyright takedown.
Signup to our Subscription Page . Incase this site gets takendown due to copyright, we will make new site address and you will receive new site via subscribed mail id.

# Issue in Live / Replay Page Player / Blank page / Adpage loading.
* Use Chrome browser. it works in all devices. Chrome Browser Installation Link
* Safari fix – On safari refreshing the page then pressing reduce protection when prompted at the top has fixed it. ( Thanks to bob )
* If ur using chrome but still getting issue. Notify in comments with info – country, device, VideoHost/Stream, ErrorMessage / issue info / Screenshot..
EG: Australia, IPhone 8, Dailymotion, Error = HD not available in quality list. – screenshot link.

# Which link should i use to watch live shows.
– All SD/LQ are usually stable but CATCHUP links will be the mostly stable.

# Why Stream HD live keeps going down.
– During big live shows, HD links can get rejected due to copyright, stream admins will replace it asap, just click refresh icon and it will work with new link.

# I posted a comment / request / issue. its not appearing.
– We keep comments for approval so that any admin that can solve can easily find users with issue and give answer, when any admin has an answer for ur query / request they will reply u..

# Why collection updates still in pending.
Daily we are making little progress in collection to restart, without earnings we are stuck inbetween as far as collection is concerned, the plan was to start collection in August 2023. but its long gone and we are still trying to find a decent host that wont delete old files to keep collections.

For Copyright Issues kindly check Disclaimer First.


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  • Fesal khan 4 years ago

    Download video

  • fm4liv 4 years ago

    Why was i banned from the chat ? i never said something homophobic or racist. I just don’t understand why i was banned from the chat. Thank You.

    • Admin 4 years ago

      i have forwarded it to chat admin.

      Edit : i saw harassing users about ur opinions till they agree with u in ban reason. i have notified to unblock u. they usually dont block peoples unless they abuse or spam.

      try to be friendly with other users in chat, discussion is ok. but if it turned to personal attack, just ignore each other.

      • fm4liv 4 years ago

        Hello, i wasn´t unblocked (unbanned). Thank you very much.

      • Admin 4 years ago

        i have forwarded ur post to stream admins again.

      • Tyray 4 years ago

        im just tryna wonder why i was banned and every time i try to make a new account it says that im banned i was banned for no reason but whatever i did i just wanna say im sorry and i wont ever say or do anything bad again so can you please unban me im begging you

      • Admin 4 years ago

        it will be back later dont worry about it, they are just tweaking something up & your id must have gotten unbanned. i have tagged this post to stream admins.

      • Legion 4 years ago

        what is your id.

        i cannot find id ty in chatbox block list.

  • Ali Murtaza 4 years ago

    Hi guys, I love this Blog/Site. Kindly please reupload The Essential AJ Styles Collection DVD in LQ (360P or lower). I’m from Pakistan and I’m using QMobile LT550 Handset. Kindly Reupload The DVD on Opendrive, MegaUp, FileRio or ZippyShare because those are the only Hosted that work in here, much love & appreciation.

  • what you mean you dont see the name ty in the chatbox thats probably becuase you banned me for no apparent reason all i was doing was talking about wrestling and thats when it said i was bannned

  • why did yall do this too me …. yall banned me on my birthday which me made me feel upset and i love this chat i didnt do anything except tell everyone my birthday and i was just talking about wrestling i didnt threaten to hurt abuse or kill anyone but you guys decided to ban me for no reason but the other guys be saying stuff like i will kill you imma murder you but you guys dont ban them but you guys ban me for talking about wrestling and it was on my bday

    • Admin 4 years ago

      Im sorry about that, but like i mentioned earlier, your id is not blocked, are u using any proxy now, disable proxy or chatbox wont work. you user name is in user list but it isnt banned. i check it out personally to avoid confusion.

      • Kevin 9 months ago

        can you please add old wcw shows/ppvs like thunder, Saturday night, etc, nwa/wcw ppvs from 88′ to 95′, much appreciated.

    • Legion 4 years ago

      u r from which country.

    • Its not an account issue, Chatbox seem to have autoblocked france due to excessive spamming, i have unblocked france. now cb should be working.

      If ur still having issue, open private tab in browser once & check in it.

      Thank you.

  • helllo???

    • Jacob 4 years ago

      Ur other id t*****n got blocked so ur main id ty also was not able to access chatbox due to ipblock. now you should be able to access the chatbox fine.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Hi, stream administrators: Please ban a user named immediately and permanently.

    I have sent you a report about this man, the formerly banned , before. I found out that it was the exact same person using different usernames by checking his past profile photo with a male cartoon character. All of sudden, he changed it to ‘edited Terry Bogard’ (an inappropriate and irritating photo) for disguising his own previous identity. But I was not fooled by it at all.

    Several days ago on the stream chat, he commented that Vince McMahon will retire when he dies. Honestly, I’m not Vince McMahon’s fan. But at least it looked to me that he crossed the line. There are comments that are okay to say but there are also ones that no one should dare to speak out. He could have just said it in his mind only in such a case. Not everyone is supposed to agree with or follow whatever he says because people have their own opinions and perspectives.

    This past Wednesday on the chat, when asked which stream server was working, confused the ty by answering ‘8’, trying to waste his time with fake information. I noticed that he just trolled immediately. That was not nice at all. Spreading fake information in the chat should not be allowed in the chat whatsoever. This is a public virtual space where everyone watches one another all over the world. I think you should put more strict and stronger repercussions on any trollers bothering other people and making them uncomfortable.

    Besides, what I don’t understand most about the is “Terry
    Hitler and Mussolini wannabes”; yes, that comment was also on the chat this past Wednesday. If I remember correctly, he made that ‘Hitler and Mussolini’ comment on January 12, when NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II broadcasted with the account. You can trace the past chat record, of course. Bringing the past dictators to the wrestling topic doesn’t make any sense. Calling someone “Hitler and Mussolini wannabes” without any legitimate reasons is quite problematic. From my point of view, he just likes to intervene with others’ chats with provoking comments and is being busy and selfish to make his cases present. This person has been issued warnings by you when he was the ‘Heul’. But still these days, he hasn’t changed a bit positively. It is no strange to see that you forbid him in the chat indefinitely.

    I will watch the chat on today’s SmackDown Live both anonymously and closely. If possible, I would like you to ban him today at the earliest convenience. If not, please just block him as soon as you can. He may show up in the stream chat with a different username in the future; I would just like you to be aware of the possible scenario. If I find him trolling in the chat again, I will send you the report accordingly.

  • Saleh 4 years ago

    I want from you to upload wwe money in the bank 2011 please and thanks

  • Michelle 4 years ago


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  • why did yall block me for again

  • what did i do, is it becuase i spoiled a match wow im sorry i wont spoil another match again

    • Legion 4 years ago


      • cmpunk07 3 years ago

        What about me? Unblock me!

      • Admin 3 years ago

        if you are referring to stream chat block, you need 2 wait, there is a 24hrs block on you, for constant abuse even after multiple verbal warnings. i cannot involve in this decision of stream admins. you will get auto unblocked after that time limit over.

  • so can you plzz unblock me

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