Thanks To Every Friend & Bro Who Helped Me to Keep The Site Up & Running With Main Shows Updates During My Long Hospitalization.

Ill Reopen Requests & Start Updating All Shows After This Sunday PPV, Need to take care of some personal stuffs first .

  • What To Expect
    # New Shows From Most Wrestling Shows Broadcasted In Internet | Tv From US, Europe & East Asia.
    # Old Shows, Documentaries, DvDs On Request.
    # More Video Hostings.
    # Request section will be reopened.
    # U can request for any other new additions or notify about issue to me in Contact Page.




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  • Naman Yadav 6 years ago

    Get well soon bro yeah i was wondering why you stop 720p in cloud host 🙂

    • 3 hosts u mentioned are dead, 2 hosts too slow, 1 host has 2Gb size limit. i cant have those backlinks here, so removed them, ur list here. ill try to upload but those 2 hosts are so slow to upload so will take time.

      • Naman Yadav 6 years ago

        Its ok can you try one of thease – Zippyshare , 4shared , 2shared , 4sync , Acefiles , BDUpload , Dailyuploads , AWCloud , Userfiles , Filefenix , Elsfiles , ZxcFiles , Solidfiles

        or maybe our old ClicknUpload ?

        or any other idk but any one whatever you think fits with your daily schedule or easier to upload

        I’m starving to see 720p real quality again , Thanks

      • i will put, but all of them 2gb limit, zippy,4 n 2 shared are below 500mb limit i guess. ill try to do 3parts or 2 parts hd according to size in any 2 or 3 hd dl hosts.

      • Naman Yadav 6 years ago

        Ok and Thanks again but just RAW , SMackdown and PPV i want

  • Duster Xtreme 6 years ago

    Keep doing what you do bro, Your site is very handy to watch wrestling, love it. And don’t worry bro, in life ups and downs will be there, get well soon man. You earned my respect.

  • Mahmoud Elsawy 6 years ago

    Get well soon buddy

  • Thanks for this site bro, get well soon.

  • ak.styl3s 6 years ago

    Hope you’re doing great punk!

  • Kathy Banks 6 years ago

    Thank you Hope you get better soon !!!

  • This Week in process of finding good hosts for hd playback for daiymotion alternate