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  • WWE Audience 4 years ago

    The show was not bad overall with CM Punk as a special host. I read the small caption-displaying news during the show and found out that Primo Colon and Robert Roode have been suspended for 30 days for violating WWE wellness policy. It sucks to notice that their year 2019 activities came to an end unpleasantly. So unfortunately for RR, he is officially and absolutely suspended… for now.

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  • Ashraf 4 years ago

    same thing again
    video downloaded file cant be played
    problem still not resolved
    help me out admin
    downloading host user cloud

    • Admin 4 years ago

      try with some other host, im not sure whats causing issue for you, i tried the files from intoupload in iphone 7 & android 9 already.

      • Ashraf 4 years ago

        i tried everything admin
        let me give another try

      • Ashraf 4 years ago

        finally intoupload worked
        thanks admin

  • Omega 4 years ago

    i was just about to hop down to the comments to see if punk was on this weeks episodes cuz i heard he wasnt (next week apparently)
    when i noticed wwe backstage WITH PUNK cuz hes the only reason most people watch
    could you guys also mention the special guest like you do with match cards [baron corbin this week (unfortunately)]