WWE Raw 12/16/19

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WWE Raw Live 12/16/19 Preview

– Show Timing & Infos.

# 8PM ET – WWE Raw 12/16/19 Live.
# 10 Parts HD Every 15 Min During Live.
# Fullshow | 3 Parts, 10Min After Live Over.

* AOP & Seth Rollins Vs Kevin Owens Feud Continues.
* AJ Styles Vs Randy Orton Prmomo leading to Singles Match.
* Another squash match for Erick Rowan Probably.
* Fallout Of TLC.
* Next Opponent for Drew McIntyre.
* Whats next for Aleister Black Or May be a rematch with buddy.
* The OC Promo Promo About The Tagteam Division.
* Lana, Bobby Lashley & Rusev Promo / TLC Fallout.
* Becky Lynch & Charlottee Flare Promo.
* Humberto Carrillo Vs Andrade & Zelina Vega feud continues & might lead to a cross fire between Andrade & Vega.

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  • Intoupload is very very slow

    • WWE Audience 4 years ago

      Intoupload is very slow. You can try ‘Filerio.’ It works better than Intoupload.

      • Speed?

      • Admin 4 years ago

        intoup, 1finchier, filerio all give upto 100% speed of your connection when their servers are not full

      • You mean the service’s are downs or there many people use it

      • Admin 4 years ago

        when there are too many peoples downloading, you will notice speed will be less than usual, on other times their speed will be 100% of ur network speed depending on your network ping.

        we are still in demo site of fastup, after they give access to their main site, their speed will be better than all others.

  • WWE Audience 4 years ago

    I don’t normally post comments about Raw and Smackdown Live but since they are all post-pay-per-view periods this week, I would choose to leave some insights here.

    First and foremost, Kevin Owens was absent this week. I searched for any news articles concerning KO but I found nothing new. So apparently, either he still needs time to recover himself from last week beatdown by Authors of Pain and Seth Rollins or he might already go to his family for celebrating winter holidays. Such a possibility can bring uncertainty about KO’s presence next week or so.

    The Raw held at Des Moines, Iowa. It is SR’s home state but because he is a heel, there was absolutely no homecoming reception shown by the crowds. All of sudden, SR isn’t a man enough to confront Rey Mysterio. If he wants the United States title so badly, he could have just displayed confidence face-to-face mode but instead decided to use AOP to do the most work for him so that he can just take care of the last portion, yes, the stomp. AOP is just SR’s servant coattail.

    How much longer will WWE have Erick Rowan keep facing newcomers only?

    It stung to note that the gauntlet match for the United States championship opportunity ended in no contest, thanks to Andrade’s sneak attack to Humberto Carrillo and his smashing into concrete floor. Yeah, Andrade didn’t obviously want public humiliation because he just wanted to avoid continuous loss against HC. So he chose to blindside Carrillo using Zelina Vega as usual and took advantage of situation to hospitalize the Angel Garza’s cousin. I imagine Andrade knew he can’t beat HC in one on one combat; in that sense of urgency, he took out Carrillo and injured him for desperate silence to secure his spot for US championship in future. I would say Both Andrade and ZV are sly cowards who hate the fair play.

    The storyline involving Bobby Lashley and Lana is about to end. I don’t see the point of the two’s relationship engagement. The next step is marriage? lol: That’s so-called crappy. I can see them smile all over the place. But seriously, turning BL from the next big player in WWE ten plus years ago to best-match-competitor in Impact Wrestling organization to a dirty-work-taker in WWE now?! What a unique move by WWE lol The creative team can do much better than this current garbage-looking task at least to say.

    It was okay to see Deonna Purrazzo in action on Raw. But soon, she fell into Asuka’s victim, just to fulfill the heel’s domination. Purrazzo can have more opportunities to experience the Raw and Smackdown Live divisions in the future, depending on where she would like to end up working at. She is currently at NXT roster but can take steps beyond the NXT in the long run.

    AJ Styles vs Randy Orton: That was a nice match. These two talents should be on the line for major championship, either universal title or WWE title. Honestly, WWE is giving Brock Lesnar too much freedom and vacation just for granted. I don’t know the relationship between BL and WWE in detail but I do know it isn’t the right way to do. Seeing Raw tag team championship and United States championship next Monday on raw is completely fine. But what about WWE title? Will the crowds and viewers ever get the chance to see WWE championship in the near future? The major championships aren’t there to give certain athletes premiums or privileges to fully take their time off from work. Otherwise, ones who don’t even know the real champion qualities shouldn’t become the champions typically such as BL.

    Well, that was a long response. Hopefully, next week’s show can be better than this week’s one.

  • Calum 4 years ago

    Do wwe full shows with adverts please

    • Admin 4 years ago

      what adverts? if there is any split screen ads with matches they will be cowered. Those ads are mostly in smackdown, they come rarely in raw.

  • Rizwan 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot for the fastup. <3 Its very fast and easy.