WWE Raw 8/6/18

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WWE Raw preview, Aug. 6, 2018:

Ronda Rousey to compete on Raw for the first time ever
The Baddest Woman on the Planet gets in the ring against Alicia Fox on Raw, competing on the red brand
for the first time since joining the roster earlier this year. What kind of message will she send to her
SummerSlam opponent, Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss? Also on Raw, Bobby Roode goes one-on-one with Mojo Rawley!

Disheveled advocate

Ronda Rousey faces Alicia Fox

The Kingslayer on the defensive

Bobby Roode takes on Mojo Rawley

Ronda Rousey faces Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox recently aligned herself with Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, which makes her an enemy of Ronda Rousey.
After Little Miss Bliss’ cheap shot cost Rousey’s longtime friend Natalya a victory over Alicia, Alexa and The Foxy
One used the numbers game to overpower The Baddest Woman on the Planet. Not wanting to wait until SummerSlam to get
payback, Rousey will go one-on-one with Fox on Raw in Jacksonville, Fla., competing live on the red brand for the
first time ever.
Will Rousey make Fox regret buddying up with The Goddess?

Disheveled advocate

This past Monday night, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar was in a foul mood… well, more foul than usual.
After shrugging off Paul Heyman’s attempts to bring him out to the arena — an appearance Heyman was counting on to
remain employed in WWE — The Beast Incarnate lashed out by assaulting Raw General Manager Kurt Angle with an F-5,
then grabbed Heyman by the face and incapacitated his advocate with a vise-like squeeze.
Per Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, Roman Reigns was forced to vacate the building this past Monday night before
this incident occurred, so The Big Dog wasn’t on-hand to halt The Conqueror’s rampage.
Expect Reigns to have much to say about the vile actions of his SummerSlam foe this coming Monday night.

Bobby Roode takes on Mojo Rawley

Mojo Rawley has been on a tear on Raw recently, laying waste to No Way Jose and Tyler Breeze in decisive fashion, but
as the bruiser was playing up his accomplishments in the locker room this past Monday night, Bobby Roode had heard enough.
A brawl ensued (and was even captured on video by Mike Kanellis), prompting Raw General Manager Kurt Angle to schedule
a match for this coming week, where The Glorious One can settle his differences with Rawley in the ring.
Will Roode take the menacing Mojo down a peg, or will the powerhouse have yet another reason to brag to his fellow Superstars?

The Kingslayer on the defensive

After Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler saved Drew McIntyre from being pinned by Seth Rollins this past Monday
night — earning The Kingslayer a disqualification win in the process — The Showoff and his mountainous enforcer
launched a calculated mid-interview sneak-attack that left Rollins dazed and no doubt anxious for retribution.
Monday Night Rollins essentially faces two enemies at SummerSlam, given that the Intercontinental Champion is always
flanked by the menacing McIntyre. But if anyone can devise a successful strategy, it’s The Architect.

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  • Md. Nazar 5 years ago

    If possible so please upload a single file full show in the 1080p quality.

  • Abu Reigns 5 years ago

    Bro Pls Upload Full Show in 1080p on Openload

    • Admin 5 years ago

      openload automatically convert, i will try some other method tomorrow for openload 1080p, it will go to even 5 parts are u ok to download that ?

  • What time will primego be uploaded I’m in New Zealand

  • Anasktk 5 years ago

    @Admin last week print was good in begining but has loss quality in the middle and then turned better in the end i have checked at the end of 2017 dailymtion all 10 parts 2000kbps size 2.11 gb but here u have 1.77gb.is it not dn from dailymotion

    • Admin 5 years ago

      ive no idea what ur talking about, how can i do file upload to openload from dailymotion?

      u cant expect full quality from a compressed file, thats why i keep saying every one to watch in dailymotion.

      What exactly do u want? if file goes to 2.4gb u ask why big size, if low size to 1.8gb u ask why low size.

      I donno how to exactly get 2gb file size & punk + other admins not coming around for weeks to help out or i wouldve already asked them.

      current file is good quality only i check, this & last week also both are good. ur watching in which device?

      Punk will be back before summerslam week ill ask him to set things up for 2gb exact. till then all i can do is to upload those rar files in the way i know.

      Dailymotion is the best quality here so better watch there, prime go is the second best quality here.

      • Anasktk 5 years ago

        Sorry about that i was’nt trying to upset u but is punk gone he needs to set things before going ,he dn everything good.

  • Omkar 5 years ago

    thanks for 1080p

  • Anasktk 5 years ago

    @Admin From today ill not say about anything just keep providing good quality whether the size is around 2gb or exact 2gb Punk will be here next week or not.

    • Admin 5 years ago

      actually it is good quality i downloaded and checked in laptop. you dont see 2gb because its super compress.

      when movements are slow it give low kbps and fps when movements are high it gives high kbps and fps.

      i will make it 2000 to 2800kbps itll be better i guess with around 2.4gb file size. last week smackdown was that settings.

      • Anasktk 5 years ago

        Ok yeah toady show has also little slow movements so if it gives size around 2.4gb then try that next week but normal and better movements

  • Anasktk 5 years ago

    @Admin i think the movements of RAW today are little slower but very good quality

    • Admin 5 years ago

      by movements i ment

      slow movements = when standing , talking etc
      fast movements = when a fight goes on when some one runs, etc.

      the bitrate and frames change according to that to maintain quality,.

      the speed of the video is the same no changes there.

      • Anasktk 5 years ago

        ok can you dn Smack down live tomorrow in 1.3 0r 1.4 gb b/c i have not enough bandwith, last week print was awsome