Watch WWE UK CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNEY PREVIEW 1/9/17 Online 9th January 2017 Full Show Free

Watch WWE UK CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNEY PREVIEW 1/9/17 Online 9th January 2017 Full Show Free 720p HD Live stream, Dailymotion Live 10 Parts Stream during live broadcast, WWE UK CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNEY PREVIEW 3 Parts Full HD after show is over 1/9/2017.

Dailymotion HD v2

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  • Randal 7 years ago

    Ohk your taking it seriously!

    I actually wasn’t aware of you unless one YouTube channel way time ago recommend his viewers to check your site Out

    He said videos are been downloaded from this site blah blah blah …

    I guess he too visits your site but he now does not guess no why but I remember last time I saw his comments was on main event! Guess his name was Someone!

    I use to stream on YouTube but after his recommendation lot of guys came to your website, but I am lost contact with him as he said he was leaving YouTube will join for sure but I guess he never did and I can’t find but hopefully I will do one day!

    The reason why I am here because your not like others because when I use to face issues on their website they even won’t even give a damn while this one I see you replying so I guess I too got into replying….

    Theirs all my problem please don’t backout with Segments! Not everything goes fine every single time their are issue but it’s only matter how you react to it! Just because of one Complain you can’t do that!

    The only reason was I needed to download video early because I too get only few time to watch so I don’t watch full show just take a recap or seat for one part download it and tomorrow morning or evening at lunch time Watch it!
    That’s why earlier I use to be on YouTube as I can save offilne but yeah they where layered and few use to crop but due to my timming I need to bare it but I swallowed the pill and watched their and slowly I needed no complains about what’s going 40% or 100% but as I get on full screen I am extremely excited but when I am not able to watch, that losses my mind Completely ! I yesterday visited my Phycologist he said I got problems related to inpatient blah blah blah… I didn’t paid attention! I stream both on YouTube and your website too because youtube consist of lot of racist people who comment and their is different fun on YouTube don’t know what? But… Let’s forget about it because their is no layer editor only you will find few of those video croppers….

    I would like to recommend less bother about me and go on!

    Don’t drop Segments!

    • U got a point about me not replying comments,

      try recording 2 channels from dth, transffereing to pc, converting them and uploading 2 different sets of links, that full 4 to 5 hours of work for me.

      earlier when i only did 10 parts i had free time now due to some segments i cant check comments.

      ya from tomorrow ill have time to check comments too.

      right after raw gets over i will post the full show download links, you dont have to download 16 segments , its waste of ur time.

      • Randal 7 years ago

        Uhh! Why are you talking seriously! Lots of guys has said that your Segment is good the only was me!

        You care about people right. So, if you do care than you won’t back out from Segment because their are lot of people watching it!

        So, try posting segment! I know how it feels! I have done this and my bad right don’t be that pissed of guy I diseed you! I was just playing around and if you think that I am doing wrong than go and delete those Comments as you usually do right!

        But you got positive response from Segment! I did complain because I want video too early and I was suppose to save it as I need to go..

        May be my bad but don’t backout from Segment that’s all!

      • Randal 7 years ago

        By the way I never said about you not commenting in this looooong Comment!

        I guess you replied on wrong one!

      • its not because of u dude, i get negative comments many times from competitors. im used to such stuffs. no big deal, you dont have to feel bad for it.

        This time its different issue, ur correct im unable to concentrate in replying to comments and helping users since 16 segments is taking lot of time.

        thats the reason im droping that segment thing cos most preffer the 10 parts, i will try to make live dailymotion normal link so that its easy to download too.

      • Randal 7 years ago

        I apologise if you feel bad from my side!

        Hope you won’t keep videos private as I need to go everyday for living! You can make it private after 30 Mins the live is over because I can keep it all till that time download it come back again and see it!!!

        You’re the owner and I can’t order but I am just an audience that can guide you and suggest you with any problems! Hope I have not offended anything!

        Hope I have done nothing wrong that ruined your day!!