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# I want social media page to follow site incase it gets copyright takedown.
Signup to our Subscription Page . Incase this site gets takendown due to copyright, we will make new site address and you will receive new site via subscribed mail id.

# Issue in Live / Replay Page Player / Blank page / Adpage loading.
* Use Chrome browser. it works in all devices. Chrome Browser Installation Link
* Safari fix – On safari refreshing the page then pressing reduce protection when prompted at the top has fixed it. ( Thanks to bob )
* If ur using chrome but still getting issue. Notify in comments with info – country, device, VideoHost/Stream, ErrorMessage / issue info / Screenshot..
EG: Australia, IPhone 8, Dailymotion, Error = HD not available in quality list. – screenshot link.

# Which link should i use to watch live shows.
– All SD/LQ are usually stable but CATCHUP links will be the mostly stable.

# Why Stream HD live keeps going down.
– During big live shows, HD links can get rejected due to copyright, stream admins will replace it asap, just click refresh icon and it will work with new link.

# I posted a comment / request / issue. its not appearing.
– We keep comments for approval so that any admin that can solve can easily find users with issue and give answer, when any admin has an answer for ur query / request they will reply u..

# Why collection updates still in pending.
Daily we are making little progress in collection to restart, without earnings we are stuck inbetween as far as collection is concerned, the plan was to start collection in August 2023. but its long gone and we are still trying to find a decent host that wont delete old files to keep collections.

For Copyright Issues kindly check Disclaimer First.


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  • Love the website, thank you for everything that you’re doing. Are there any chance you can upload Sunday Night Heat episodes from 2000-2002?

    • Your site on dailymotion says not available and all other links not working properly.
      I can now only watch in small screen as if I go to full screen it keeps cutting out and stopping.
      Don’t know what’s happened but something is not right.

  • Hey admins, is there any possiblity to add NJPW from 2009 to 2020 or is there any place I can watch these years?

  • i banned for no reason wth

  • cffc 130?

  • Request 3 months ago

    Could you please re-upload Steve Austin Broken Skull as a collection

  • matrix38 3 months ago

    looks like ROH forgot the timechange 😀

  • Corgano1234 3 months ago

    I think i said some dumb shit and that was the reason i got banned. can you unban me? Thank you

  • Hi

    I signed up for the new urls and they never got emails, Good thing i found you on duckduckgo

  • Tayef 2 months ago

    Please, make a NXT black and Gold era collection including UK in Chronological order.

  • spaceballls 2 months ago

    a update to the noah section alot of stuff is missing there for sure

  • the reldrive for collection is not working

  • Salman 2 months ago

    It’s not generation the links….. It’s not working for raw 1998….. Plz fix it as soon as possible